From the Steppes of Anatolia…    To the World of Global Law   

In my life, which started under an earthen roof in the Dikilitaş plateau of a remote Anatolian village in the Southern Taurus Mountains, it was the inevitable fate for everyone to leave the village and go abroad. I am genuinely an Anatolian child and I am proud of it.

I published a part of my story up to 2014 in “From the Steppes of Anatolia… To the World of Global Law”. I wrote this story to guide my young brothers and sisters with my own experiences on establishing an office, institutionalising and achieving success, and telling them they can do better than me. I wanted to give them hope and courage, to light a spark in their eyes and minds.

My ultimate goal is to show Anatolia’s self-driven power.

I have been working, writing, drawing and speaking on a strategic plan focused on the judiciary and the rule of law since I started the Better Justice movement ten years ago.

I have dedicated the rest of my life to repaying my debt of gratitude to my country, which created me out of nothing and gave me everything I have. I can make the best and highest contribution to my country in the area I know the best: the rule of law and a better judiciary. My primary goal is to ensure that Türkiye becomes one of the world’s eight to ten most prosperous countries through the rule of law.

As the chairman of the Judicial Reform Working Group, I produced a TÜSİAD document titled “Quality in Judicial Services”. The Anatolian business community, which showed a high level of recognition for the document, complained that the main issue was the judiciary and the level of middle democracy, and thus set the subject of our next work. When TÜRKONFED asked me to write a report on this issue, the book Middle Democracy was born.

After working for more than a year together with a team of nine people, we published a book titled “Turkish Judicial Reform A to Z”.

Solving the issue of the judiciary will automatically solve the issue of the rule of law. This book offers nine solutions to nine fundamental problems for improving the Turkish judiciary and justice. By publishing the book in Turkish and English, we invited public opinion in Turkey and around the world to debate the issue.

"My primary goal is to ensure that Turkey becomes one of the world's eight to ten most prosperous countries through the rule of law."

Views and Articles

“I produce solutions and ideas through the eyes of an international lawyer and politically neutral Anatolian child.”

Humans have to live as a society in solidarity with others for survival, security, and continuation of the species. Equity (fairness) and cooperation must be core values in these societies…

16 min.

The game played at the highest levels of the state has come to the end long expected of it. After a series of forceless actions and decisions contrary to law,…

8 min.

Could the president of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who failed to crack open the “once in a century window of opportunity” before Turkey, be looking to permanently close this window…

10 min.


“I believe that a well-developed legal system and a judicial system that is a step ahead of its contemporaries are the most important cornerstones for a culture of reconciliation to prevail in Turkey and for us to become a peaceful, productive, internationally competitive and prosperous society.”


The Future of Judiciaries in Europe and Beyond
Date: 08 Eylül 2022, Cuma
Time: 16:00
Panelists: Hon Sir William Blair, Av. Mehmet Gün, Dr. Sara Razai, Dr. David Kosar
Webinar ID: 498 4983 4943


“I am working to contribute to the achievement of these goals of our country and to ensure the rule of law in all economic, social and administrative fields through the further improvement and progress of the Judiciary.”