I am genuinely an Anatolian child and I am proud of it.


Mehmet Gün is the Founder and Chairman of the independent think-tank Better Justice Association and the Founder of one of Turkey’s most prestigious and successful law firms Gün+Partners. Mehmet is based in Istanbul and is an active member of several professional associations. He is the Founder and Chairman of the İstanbul Arbitration Association, the Vice President of the Turkish Enterprise and Business Confederation, and a member of the TÜSIAD (the Turkish Business and Industry Association).

Mehmet has an impressive professional track record; Legal500, Chambers and Partners and Euromoney rank him among the most influential lawyers in Turkey. Gün+Partners has won numerous international awards, including being named National Firm of the Year by both The Lawyer and Who’s Who Legal. Mehmet is determined to give back to the country that has given him so much and he has written a number of books and articles outlining his experiences and insights to help Turkey develop an internationally recognised system of law.

In recent years he has initiated a national conversation in Turkey around reforming the Turkish judiciary to strengthen and improve the rule of law and democracy in Turkey, and in turn help achieve sustainable economic growth. Mehmet’s recent books include his autobiography From the Steppes of Anatolia to the World of Global Law, as well as Unconstitutionality of the Privileged Protection Afforded to the Community of Experts, and Turkey’s Middle Democracy Issues and How to Solve Them.

In 2021, Mehmet and colleagues at the Better Justice Association published Turkish Judicial Reform A-Z which seeks to reimagine the judiciary as a civic institution whose core focus is running a high-quality public service. Though the book focussed on issues in Turkey, it is hoped that the model proposed can be used worldwide to help increase public trust in the judiciary, protect the rule of law and help many more countries in the EU and wider international community achieve UN Sustainable Development Goal 16.

Mehmet has been delighted with the initial positive reaction to the proposals, including supportive comments from leading global practitioners and academics including from Sir William Blair QC (Former Judge in Charge of the Commercial Court), Professor Tom Ginsburg (University of Chicago Law School) and Professor Cheryl Thomas (UCL Judicial Institute).

Short Bio

Better Justice Association – Founder and Chairman

Gün+Partners Law Firm – Founder

İstanbul Arbitration Association – Founder and Chairman

TURKONFED (Turkish Enterprise and Business Confederation) – Vice President

Turkish Industry and Business Association (TÜSİAD) – Member of the Court of Dignity

Listed among the most influential lawyers in Turkey by Legal500, Chambers & Partners and Euromoney.

In a professional career of almost 40 years, Mehmet Gün has developed deep legal expertise, founded Gun + Partners, now recognised as one of Turkey’s top legal practices, and made an important contribution to the creation of modern Turkish IP laws. Most notably, he is committed to promoting greater understanding of issues surrounding justice and the rule of law, vital aspects of an inclusive and equitable society. To this end, he has established the independent think-tank Better Justice Association and written extensively on justice and democracy. He is the author of the book ‘Turkey’s Middle Democracy Issues and How to Solve Them’ and co-author of ‘Turkish Judicial Reform A-Z’.

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