We must always work to improve the conditions we live in, to increase our welfare, and to leave a better future for the next generations.


Turkish Judicial Reform A to Z

In order to bring forward a radical solution to Turkey’s judicial problems, we have sought to design a system: (i) that focuses on working efficiently, producing a high-quality service; (ii) with a lean structure in line with the requirements of management science; (iii) with full transparency in all processes and decisions; (iv) that is fully accountable and in which all transactions and decisions are subject to judicial review…

From the Steppes of Anatolia… To the World of Global Law

The first phase of my autobiography entitled “From the Steppes of Anatolia… To the World of Global Law” is a journey to my soul, written as an intimate conversation between friends. I explain the limitations I faced as a small boy weeding and herding donkeys and goats under the burning sun of the Moorland, and the struggle to turn my dreams into reality. I am very principled and hold strong

Turkey’s Middle Democracy Issues and How to Solve Them

My book named Turkey’s Middle Democracy Issues and How to Solve Them: Judiciary, Accountability and Fair Representation”, published in May 2018, is a comprehensive proposal for reform. It outlines the ingrained problems causing Turkey to fall into the ‘Middle Democracy’ trap whilst also developing proposals for reform from the viewpoint of a lawyer. As all of the problems outlined in my book are indeed reflections of the failures of the

Turkey has Become in Need of a Contemporary Disclosure and Submission System for Full Exposure of Truth in Resolution of Conflicts

This article was published in the 2010/11 edition of the Galatasaray University Faculty of Law Journal and closely concerns the Turkish judiciary. In it, I highlight that there is a recognition that, when faced with government authorities and public administrations (the courthouse in particular), it is detrimental to be honest. Therefore, established social values such as honesty and integrity are being eroded. İnsanlarımız, uyuşmazlıklarda yargıyı çözüm mercii olarak değil, isteklerine

Quality in Judicial Services and Elements of Quality

The fundamental goal of this report is to outline a clear objective for judicial reform and to establish consensus and agreement on that objective, because no initiative without a certainly formulated objective will have a chance of success. I wrote this article as a result of my studies during my presidential term at the Judicial Reform Working Group of TÜSİAD.

How Constitutional is the Privileged Immunity of Experts?

The study titled “Unconstitutionality of Privileged Protection Granted to the Clan of Experts” drafted by Merve Kurdak, Zeynep Koray and myself, criticises the place of the “Experts” in the Turkish judicial system.

A Practical Glance at the Question of Proof by Documentary Evidences in International Arbitration

This study considers the root cause of the problems with the Turkish judiciary, which is determined to be the fact that neither the issues of conflict nor the evidence needed for resolution are actually disclosed and submitted fully and accurately in the course of resolution.  

Proposal to Form a SUPREME AUTHORITY OF JUSTICE for the Sake of Independence of the Judiciary

I envisaged and developed this proposal, with the participation of members of the Better Justice Association, to offer a solution to the outstanding problems with the Turkish judiciary. I believe that by forming a Supreme Authority of Justice, unresolved problems and power struggles will be eliminated.