Justice is the Foundation for Humanism and Civilisation

Humanity’s two greatest concepts, and yet it failed to achieve in international arena are justice and peace.

Many civilizations were destroyed by the wars throughout the history started by the states that became strengthened with destructive technologies who chose to rule others by use of force instead of spreading civilization, compromise and prevailing the world with peace and justice.

During the WWI when countries were balkanized, borders were redrawn, millions of humans were directly killed or died of illnesses, hunger, migration and similar reasons that the war caused. In this bloody war the subjects of Ottoman Empire that span from Balkans to Caucasus, from Gibraltar to Arab continent suffered colossal damages and endured great pain. Only in the Balkans 1.4 million Turks and muslims perished while migrating to Anatolia. In the Caucasus Ottoman subject nations Armenians and the Turks and Muslims who had lived in peace for centuries were turned into enemies to each other.

We have deep sorrow for all humans died in vulgar wars and the subjects of the Ottoman Empire that suffered the most during the WWI.

Despite it has been more than a century since and the humanity progressed considerably it is still considered tolerable in the destructive competition between state the kind of ugly methods such as polarising and turning enemies the subjects of a country, controlling the stately institutions of a state and its rulers. In recent history Turkey is probably the closest example of this. A group which infiltrated into and secured the key positions in the army, security forces, the judiciary and formed a parallel state and brough the country to the brink of a catastrophics loss caused such a huge damage that retracted the Turkish judiciary decades back.

Neither the President of the USA nor any politician has any legal, scientific or ethical grounds to adjudge on the painful events in the history.

Historical truths must be uncovered by scientific historians, be presented neutrally and in order fort the humanity draw lessons fort he future and to carry the civilization to the next level.

Justice is the foundation for human civilization, and international order and peace.

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